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A girl that is new Yumi, can be acquired for online dating in variation 1.7.0. She will be located within the educational college location.

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A girl that is new Yumi, can be acquired for online dating in variation 1.7.0. She will be located within the educational college location.

A listing of brand-new material included this(versions 1.6.7 — 1.6.10) few days:

Ice-cream vending machines and four kinds of ice-cream; Recycle containers tend to be installed near all of the vending devices; a accessory that is new — now you can offer any cosplay what to a woman before a romantic date; most of the gifts now may be offered without visiting the relationship stage (only one product a day is counted for closeness boost); Animal mascots and cosplay products currently have split slot machines and so could be combined; at the start of each online game you should have a free of charge cola and pet ears for cosplay in your stock; the institution location is broadened with two brand-new areas and something brand new internet dating place nearby the children’s pool; an extra fast access point (the college); While dating nearby the pool, girls will put on their particular college swimsuits.

A couple of additions that are recent 1.6.11 — 1.6.13): A location that is newfitness center) and a fresh relationship spot; enhanced idle personality animation during dating scenes; More squirrel interactions: today they’re going to fall from heads on «angry» response. It’s also possible to trigger a new discussion from a woman by coming in contact with her squirrel; A unique cosplay product — bunny ears; After doing the video game (with any rating) you will get a award — pet ears, fox ears, or bunny ears. These products today will always be in your inventory on restart and certainly will be properly used in next online game. Cat ears and fox ears could be additionally obtained into the crane device; Both women now look just in split areas, marked regarding the chart, helping to make finding them much easier; all of the closeness rating modifications tend to be clearly shown with pop-up emails. A brand new woman — Yumi, is present for online dating in variation 1.7.0. She will be located into the educational college location.

A location that is new included in variation 1.7.2 — coastline, with a brand new shop offering barbecue grill treats, and a fresh accessory item (seashell). I am presently incorporating numerous accessory things. Current things: bear hairpin, green bow, green bow, two fold bow, elegant bow. Them all are available from gashapon capsules, and this can be purchased from gashapon devices or gotten as being a award after finishing the video game.

If anyone has actually recommendations for various other add-ons to add, go ahead and publish your thinking.

A brand-new relationship spot is included in variation 1.7.7 when you look at the beach location. While internet dating in this place, girls will use their particular beach swimsuits, that are various for every single woman. Recent changes: a brand new function — accommodation (you can go to sleep here and go to following day); large ratings today could be examined when you look at the college accommodation (in place of primary menu); according to the existing love interest, you’ll have a portrait of one’s preferred woman over the sleep in your living space; a brand new function — product demand. While walking on the town with a lady, she may sporadically request a snack intimacy that is(additional if you can get her that snack); conversing with the fortune-teller happens to be no-cost (restricted to one conversation each day); more recommendations because of the fortune teller; an innovative new accessory product — maid headband (are available from gashapon capsules).

Present changes (up to version 1.7.13): up-date associated with the supper feature: today all meals is attracted with pictures rather than bumble slut just text. Preferences of each and every woman are actually taken into consideration and certainly will affect the score you will get after having a supper — make certain you order only the the foodstuff your girlfriend likes. Game cafes tend to be rebranded. brand-new accessory products — panda hairpin, flower hairpin, choker; girls will today properly change in your direction whenever you ask them completely or communicate with all of them; an innovative new place — college 1st flooring (much more places at school will likely be unlocked later); a fresh feature — product quests. By doing product quests it is possible to get unusual items that are accessory. Speak with the schoolgirl within the educational college, and also to neko woman into the sushi cafe.

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